Here For Our Staff


We know that nursing is a lot of things, to a lot of people. Regardless of what brought you to homecare, we know that the past few years have been very hard on healthcare workers. We know that many of you have considered leaving the profession, if not left already. We also know that the healthcare workers in our communities deserve to be better compensated, for their time, and for their dedication. This is one of the challenges Insight Healthcare is here to address.

We aim to do this with our competitive compensation package; with a great starting wage, and an innovative profit-sharing/bonus program.

For us, work/life balance isn’t a buzzword, but an integral part of our business model. This is why to start, we limit the number of visits we ask our nurses to complete daily. This, combined with our compensation package, allows our nurses to not feel compelled to work longer, to meet their life goals and financial needs.

Your initial contact and HR manager will be Marc Provost. Marc is an experienced business professional with decades of management experience and is a qualified adult trainer. The recipient of an ORCCA award for employee engagement and retention, he is an experienced leader who knows how to get the best from staff. He has held leadership roles within the healthcare industry, public safety, and wholesale.

“Our vision is to create a compassionate working environment that allows our nurses to perform at the very best of their abilities; through leading compensation, training and educational growth opportunities, and quality-of-life management practices.”